Know Your Valuation for Equity Compensation (and avoid the perils of 409a)

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If you are a CEO or a CFO of a high growth startup, it is vital to understand how to value your company correctly.

Here is a quick list of questions this lunch will help you answer:

Do you offer or are you planning to offer your employees stock options? Do you know the difference between ISOs and non-ISOs? Do you understand the general valuation concepts and approaches that the IRS has outlined, especially as they apply to early-stage companies? Did you know that if you run afoul of the 409A rules, your employees could have an unpleasant tax surprise and that some of that responsibility could revert back to you as the employer? Do you know if and when you need to engage an outside expert to assist with a valuation?

This is a limited seat lunch to teach issues of valuation for equity compensation and ask specific questions about your company.


Alicia Amaral, Scalar Analytics

Scott Goodwin, Wolf & Company


Calculate Financial Projections for Investment Presentations

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Thursday, January 29th , 2015

11:45 AM – 2:00 PM

WeWork Fort Point,  (map)

51 Melcher St, Boston

Join our experts in an overview discussion of financial projections. Learn the key metrics that will get investors to notice you, as well as those that will get you rejected. If you have no idea where to begin with your financial projections, this program is for you.

Experts -

Heather Onstott, Launch Capital

Heather Shanahan, VentureAdvisors

Thanks to our host:

Come to Terms with Angel and Venture Term Sheets

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This limited-seat luncheon brings some of Boston’s most experienced attorneys to provide two hours of deep instruction to entrepreneurs struggling to understand the complexity of high growth investments. Sample terms sheets will be provided and analyzed.

Working lunch programs are hosted by TCN’s professional service sponsors to provide tactical level information designed to accelerate the fundraising process.


Will Perkins – Morgan Lewis

Jason Rodriguez – Morgan Lewis

TCN on Air: Breaking Down Strategic Investment for Life Science

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There are many routes to funding your life science startup. One way to get to the next step in the early stages is through strategic investments with industry partners. In this online interactive Google hangout, we will look at how a strategic investment differs from regular financial investments such as angels or VCs, and how this can both negatively and positively impact your company. It will also discuss who potential strategics are, their motivation, as well as the recent trends in strategic investment.

If you are looking for alternative routes to funding, this is the hangout for you!

Ryan Sansom – Goodwin Procter

Check out the video here:

Follow along with the slides here:

Quick Patenting Strategies for Startups

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Navigating Founders Issues

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Privacy and Information Security: What Every New Business Needs to Know

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Entity Selection for Startups

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Convertible Debt for Startups

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Apply for Angel Funding from an Investor’s Perspective

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Not all angel groups are created equal. Hear from the leaders of the top angel groups in Boston on where to begin when you are approaching angel groups. Learn what to expect when you approach angel groups and how to make your application and pitch stand out.

 Questions answered will include:
How do you approach angel groups?
What are the most important parts of the application?
What is the best way to prepare for your pitch to an angel group?
What about the JOBs act and the new solicitation rules, how does that change the landscape?



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