Come to Terms with Angel and Venture Term Sheets

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This limited-seat luncheon brings some of Boston’s most experienced attorneys to provide two hours of deep instruction to entrepreneurs struggling to understand the complexity of high growth investments. Sample terms sheets will be provided and analyzed.

Working lunch programs are hosted by TCN’s professional service sponsors to provide tactical level information designed to accelerate the fundraising process.


Will Perkins – Bingham McCutchen

Jason Rodriguez – Bingham McCutchen

Siena Colegrave – Bingham McCutchen

Everything You Were Told about How to Build a Board was Wrong

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Your Board is one of the most valuable parts of your company. They help you steer, make decisions, and could get you that first investment. Or they can push you off a cliff, vote incorrectly, and cost you your company. We will help you get to Plan A.
The revered Professor Les Charm will talk you through how to know who to put on (and keep off) of your Boards, and much more.

Beyond the Crowd: The Whole JOBS Act Implications for Entrepreneurs and Investors

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The JOBS Act is here, and now investors, entrepreneurs, and the rest of the startup community have to figure out what this means. There are a lot of unanswered questions and a lot more to the JOBS Act than just crowdfunding. With some of these new regulations, it’s important for both investors and entrepreneurs to understand how the new law affects what they do, say, and present and how it could impact future investments (both positive and negative).
Topics addressed:
Solicitation – what is it? What does it mean, and why does this matter to me?
Crowdfunding – is this going to change the world?
What do the new state level rules mean?
Hear from an angel, entrepreneur, and Boston’s experts on the law about how the JOBS Act is affecting the funding landscape – both long and short term.


Build and Keep an Investable Team

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Apply for Angel Funding with an Investor’s Perspective

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Not all angel groups are created equal. Hear from the leaders of the top angel groups in Boston on where to begin when you are approaching angel groups. Learn what to expect when you approach angel groups and how to make your application and pitch stand out.

 Questions answered will include:
How do you approach angel groups?
What are the most important parts of the application?
What is the best way to prepare for your pitch to an angel group?
What about the JOBs act and the new solicitation rules, how does that change the landscape?

Know Your Valuation for Equity Compensation (And Avoid the Perils of 409A)

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If you are a CEO or a CFO of a high growth startup, it is vital to understand how to value your company correctly.

Here is a quick list of questions this lunch will help you answer:

Do you offer or are you planning to offer your employees stock options? Do you know the difference between ISOs and non-ISOs? Do you understand the general valuation concepts and approaches that the IRS has outlined, especially as they apply to early-stage companies? Did you know that if you run afoul of the 409A rules, your employees could have an unpleasant tax surprise and that some of that responsibility could revert back to you as the employer? Do you know if and when you need to engage an outside expert to assist with a valuation?

This is a limited seat lunch to teach issues of valuation for equity compensation and ask specific questions about your company.


Alicia Amaral, Scalar Analytics

Scott Goodwin, Wolf & Company

Keep Your Company Close and Your IP Closer

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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


This event takes place online in a Google+ hangout.

Is your IP rock solid? Not sure? We can tell you. Join Goodwin Procter and The Capital Network in this interactive Google Hangout to discuss the common pitfalls that founders often make with IP and how to avoid them.
Topics include:
IP Agreements
Using Open Source Software
IP Ownership – company vs employee
and much more
Expert -
See the slides here:

FWBStacked Logo  gplogo


TCN Venture Fast Track

Click here for slides

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Nutter McClennen and Fish LLP
Seaport West
155 Seaport Boulevard
Boston, MA
9:00am – 5:00pm 

Led by leading experts in the field of startup financing, the limited-seat Fast Track is an intensive, interactive full-day seminar designed to provide entrepreneurs and investors an in-depth understanding of what it takes to raise early-stage capital for a startup.

The TCN Venture Fast Track is a dynamic, fast-track version of TCN’s comprehensive roundtables and expert lunches. So if you want an invigorating refresher, or are new to TCN events, this is the event for you!


9:00am – 10:00am Registration and Mentor Lunch Sign up
10:00am – 11:00am Building Your Company From Square One
11:00am – 11:15am Break
11:15am – 12:30pm Fundraising Strategy Breakout Workshops
12:30pm – 1:45pm Mentor Lunch
1:45pm – 2:45pm Startup Operations Breakout Workshops
2:45pm – 3:00pm Break
3:00pm – 4:00pm Company Valuation and Metrics – top down or bottom up?
4:00pm – 5:00pm Pitch Perfect
5:00pm – 6:00pm Fast Track Slow Down with the Speakers and Mentors


9:00am – 10:00am

Registration and Mentor Lunch Sign-Up

10:00am – 11:00am – Building Your Company From Square One

Start the day off with a crash course in building your company from the beginning to be an investable one.

Topics covered:

  • How do you make your funding decisions? Equity? Non-equity?
  • How do you find investors and get funded?
  • What do investors need to know about your financials?
  • Once you find an investor, how do you wade through the term sheets?
  • How do you track your equity? How do you compensate your employees?
  • How do you build your team? Will a strong board and advisory board be the key to your investment?
  • What are some of the other key aspects of building your business to get it up and running?

Hear from the experts who have been there before and the investors that do it all the time.


Sheryl Schultz, Golden Seeds

Beth Marcus, Playrific

Will Bernat, Nutter McClennen & Fish

11:00am – 11:15am Break

11:15am– 12:30pm – Fundraising Strategy Breakout Discussions

Spinning Out: The Ins and Outs of Spin-Out Companies and Financing

This discussion is ideal for entrepreneurs and companies who are licensing technology from an academic institution or hospital. Hear from experts in this process on how to best go about financing these companies and how the technology transfer process is normally structured.


Vinit Nijhawan, Boston University

Mike Koeris, Sample6 Technologies, Inc

Growing from the Ground up: Seed Financing and Convertible Debt

This discussion is ideal for companies looking for the first seed round of funding to get their company up and running- companies that are looking at friends and family and smaller rounds before they are ready to approach VCs and Angel groups. Topics discussed will include how to structure early stage deals, convertible debt pros and cons, and more.


Gerard Murphy, Mosaic Archive

Ben Littauer, Walnut Ventures and Boston Harbor Angels

Capturing the “A Team” of Investors: Series A Round with Venture Capital and Angel Money

This session is ideal for companies who have had some seed funding, whether in the form of small investments from individual angels or friends and family, and are now looking to approach VCs and angel groups for a larger round to get them to their first big milestone. Topics covered will include typical investments amounts, tactics for structuring deals, deciding if VC or angels are the right route for your company, and more.


Gail Hoffman, Golden Seeds

Jennifer Jordan – MassVentures

Going from A to B: Series A-Round to B-Round

This discussion is ideal for companies who have Series A funding and are thinking about that next round. The session brings together an investor and entrepreneur who have been through several rounds of funding together. Hear how to utilize your current investors to get that next round and what the differences are when you go for that next round versus the first round of financing.


Kent Bennett, Bessemer Venture Partners

Chuck Goldman, Great Hill Partners

12:30pm – 1:45pm Lunch

The Entrepreneur-Advisor matching lunch is an opportunity for you to ask questions and receive advice from experienced entrepreneurs, strategic professionals, or early-stage investors, all who are active supporters of New England’s entrepreneurial community. Spend the lunch hour in a small group discussion with fellow entrepreneurs and our handpicked advisors to discuss your startup. Come ready with your one-minute pitch and a burning question.

1:45 pm – 2:45pm Startup Operations Breakout Workshops

Building the Team

It is an oft-repeated truism that angels and VCs value people in your startup more than they value the idea or technology. The largest dilemma entrepreneurs face is how to attract the team that will attract the money without having the money upfront. So which comes first?

Other topics discussed will include:What is a founder’s role on the management team?
Is the current team complete enough for the stage of the company?
Does the current team need someone to play an interim role to fill in a critical need?
At what stage of the company growth would it be appropriate to have management reorganization?


Adam Ghander, Nutter McClennen & Fish

Win Burke, iGetBetter

Rick Harris, Launchpad Venture Group

Critical IP Issues for Startups

Entrepreneurs build their businesses, their competitive advantage, and their long-term defensibility around a core of intellectual property.  For some entrepreneurs, that will mean a patent portfolio. For many others, however, it will mean a sticky web of trademarks, trade dress rights, copyright, know-how, trade secrets, contractual exclusivity, and non-disclosure agreements. Our experts will help entrepreneurs untangle common and critical intellectual property issues to help them with business planning and with explaining the investment proposition and risks to investors.


Paul Cronin, Nutter McClennen & Fish

Derek Roller, Nutter McClennen & Fish

Scaling with sales and marketing, and defining KPIs

You have a working product, your technology seems strong, now sell it! Take your company to the next level with sales and marketing, and hear how to measure your success. Most investors will tell you they need to see traction before they sign a check. Hear from the experts on what that means and how to scale your sales and show real traction!


Charles de Gaspe Beaubien, Groupize

Norm Meisner, Launchpad Venture Group

Defining your market

When talking to investors about your company and product, they will ultimately ask you about your market and competitors. It’s imperative to know exactly where you fit into the market, who your customers are, and exactly how the market segments itself. Knowing this will help you build your product, sell it precisely, and grow exponentially.


Anita Brearton, Golden Seeds & MassVentures

Prahar Shah, Mobee

2:45pm – 3:00pm Break

3:00pm – 4:00pm Company Valuation and Metrics – top down or bottom up?

Defending your corporate valuation to Angels & VCs is nearly impossible. In this program, we will discuss valuation methodologies, metrics, tactics, and tips for early-stage corporate valuations.

Christopher Mirabile, Launchpad Venture Group

Jeremy Halpern, Nutter McClennen & Fish

Paulina Hill, Polaris Partners

4:00pm – 5:00pm Perfect Pitch

You never get a second chance at a first impression. Early-stage ventures seeking investment need to know how to target, locate, approach, and close with venture capitalists, angels, and strategic investors. Hear first-hand a successful pitch from an entrepreneur who has closed a funding round (or two) and how the company’s pitch evolved over time.


Matt Douglas, Punchbowl

Jeremy Halpern, Nutter McClennen & Fish

5:00pm – 6:00pm Fast Track Slow Down with the Speakers and Mentors


Calculate Financial Projections for Investment Presentations

venture advisors

Join our experts in an overview discussion of financial projections. Learn the key metrics that will get investors to notice you, as well as those that will get you rejected. If you have no idea where to begin with your financial projections, this program is for you.

Experts -

Heather Onstott, Launch Capital

Heather Shanahan, Venture Advisors 


Dilution II: Build Your Cap Table Piece-by-Piece


Cambridge Innovation Center
Charles Conference Room, 14th floor (map)
May 8, 2014

Are you struggling with managing your cap table in Excel? Are you having “version control” issues with your cap table? Join us to to build your cap table piece-by-piece in a web based equity management software that simplifies the task of managing your cap table.

Tools include: option and restricted stock vesting; modeling various exit scenarios including breakpoint and waterfall analysis; and document management including electronic signature.You may wish to bring your laptop with you to follow along.

This SaaS tool is FREE for startup companies with fewer than 25 option holders.

Valuation Expert – Alicia Amaral

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