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March 6, 2014

11:45am – 2:00pm

IBM Innovation Center

1 Rogers St, 2nd Floor,

Cambridge, MA (map)


A CFO and a CPA walk into your startup. Going through your books, they tell you that you need insurance policies and proper payroll setup before meeting with a potential investor. That might not be the punchline of the joke you wanted to hear, but don’t panic.

 Early stage entrepreneurs often need help understanding complex accounting, payroll, and insurance issues – especially those that affect the ability to raise capital. These are the day-to-day tasks that often get pushed aside but are vital when it comes to raising capital.
This compact, in-depth session, led by some of the Boston area’s premier experts, helps entrepreneurs navigate potential roadblocks to fundraising. Topics will be defined interactively and will include subjects such as whether or not you are paying your employees legally, if insurance even matters when you are a two person company, and much more.

Experts –

Mitch Zucker, ConnectPay

Michael Young, ConnectPay

Laurie Anglin, TriNet

Jon Adani, TriNet

John Martin, NorthStar Insurance

Greg Pierce, NorthStar Insurance

Scott Goodwin, Wolf & Co.



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